Getting Crafty – Mother’s Day Hanging Baskets

Hello and welcome to our first Getting Crafty session with Citadel Arts.

Just because we’re working from home that doesn’t mean we have to stop being creative so we’ve organised this special Mother’s Day craft session.

Today we’ll be making these lovely Mother’s Day hanging baskets and all you’ll need for this super simple activity is:

1 piece of green card 20cm x 20cm

2 pieces of card or paper – different colours.


Glue Stick

Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own gorgeous flowery baskets.  We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page. 


Fold your piece of Green card – but not completely in half.  You should now notice you have a large section of card and one smaller section.


Cut into the small section of your card right up to the crease you have created, you need to create 13 individual stems.



Cut each alternative stem so they are a little bit short than the others…so you’ll have – full stem, short stem, full stem, short stem etc.


Glue the edges of your and bring your stick together to make a cylinder shape. The take Two opposite full length stems and glue the tips together to form the handle for your basket.


Now it’s time to make our flower petals.

Place your two pieces of coloured on top of each other and cut 5 squares so we have 10 different squares of coloured card, 5 of each colour.


Fold your squares in half and cut out the shape of half of your flower.  Make sure you cut it on the creased side of the card so that when open them up you’ll have a full flower.  Repeat this process for each square of card and you will end up with 10 flowers, 5 of each colour.


Now it’s time to make our flower heads.  As it’s Mother’s Day and we’re spreading the love, we going to make them in the shape of hearts.  Using both sheets of card again on top of each other, cut 5 smaller squares.  You will not have 10 smaller squares, 5 of each colour.


Cut a small heart shape out of each so you have 10 small hearts.  Stick the hearts on to the flowers that are a different.  So I have glued the yellow hearts on to the blue flowers and the blue hearts on the yellow flowers.


Now it’s time to stick our flowers on to our hanging basket.  Dab a little bit of glue on to the end of each stem and carefully hold your flower on to the end for to stick.  Repeat this process until all of your flowers are in place.  You may have to gently push down on the stems so they aren’t sticking up.


And there you have it, you’ve created your very won Mother’s Day Hanging Basket.  Now it’s time to take a picture of your marvelous creation and upload it to our facebook page.







We have plenty more activities planned, so join us at 1pm on Monday when we’ll be ‘Bringing the Outdoors in’ by creating our very own indoor gardens.  All you’ll need for Monday’s craft is:

3 x Green Card

3/4 pieces of card of different colours

Glue stick


We can’t wait to see you all then, we thrilled that we are able to bring the magic of Citadel Arts right into your home.