Getting Crafty – Daffodils

Hello! And welcome back to Getting Crafty with Citadel Arts.

As we are going to be spending some time indoors overs the next few weeks, we thought it would be nice if we could ‘Bring the Outdoors In’, so everyday this week we are going to be creating something different to go in our very own indoor garden.

Today we are going to be creating bunches of Daffodils and for this task you are going to need:

 2 x white cake baking cases (don’t worry if you don’t have these)

1 x yellow card

3 x pieces of green card/paper


Glue Stick

Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own Daffodil bunches. We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page.


Take 1 sheet of green card and glue around all of the edges then fold in half length ways.


Using the same piece of card, glue around the edges and fold in half length ways once more.



Cut into this strip of card/paper to create a grass pattern – but be careful not to cut right the way through the whole strip, you need to leave a little gap at the bottom so it all stays in one piece.


Glue along the bottom edge of your grass and fold round in to a circle and stick.



Take your second piece of green card/paper.  Glue around the edges and fold in half – this time horizontally.


Using your scissors cut the pattern of large leaves into your card/paper.  Again be sure to leave a gap at the bottom of so it all stays in one piece.


Glue the edges of your leaf pattern and fold into a circle, place inside the your the circle of grass you have created and stick into place.


Using your final piece of green card, draw a template of 4 Daffodil stems – these need to be the full length of the piece of card.


Using your scissors cut your stems out, so you have 4 individual Daffodil stems.


Dab a little bit of glue along the bottom of your stems, place inside the circle of grass and leaves you have created and stick firmly into place.


Using a yellow felt tip pen/crayon/pencil, colour in your two cake baking cases.  Once they are coloured in cut these in half then set them to one side to use shortly.

Step 12

Take your yellow card and cut 4 squares, approximately 5cm x 5xm.  Fold these in half and cut the pattern of your flower patterns.  Make sure you cut along the folded side so that when you open it up you have 4 full flowers.


Now it’s time to create the central trumpet of our Daffodil flowers.  Dab some glue into the centre of your flower petals.


Take the halves of your cupcake cases and roll them into a cone.  This can be quite fiddly, but it helps to use your thumb to roll the case around to create the correct shape.  Once rolled, stick the cone into the centre of your flower petals and press firmly.


Now we have our 4 completed Daffodil flowers, take you glue stick and dab some glue at top of each stem and attach press your flower firmly to the top of it to stick.

And then we have our completed Daffodil Bunches.

If you don’t have any yellow card or cake baking cases at home, then don’t worry, you can just use different coloured cards to create different flowers, it will have exactly the same effect.

Now it’s time to take a picture of your marvelous creation and upload it to our facebook page.