Getting Crafty – Garden Gnomes

Hello! And welcome back to Getting Crafty with Citadel Arts.

As we are going to be spending some time indoors overs the next few weeks, we thought it would be nice if we could ‘Bring the Outdoors In’, so everyday this week we are going to be creating something different to go in our very own indoor garden.

No garden is complete without a charming gnome so today we are going to be creating these garden gnomes which are really simple to make.

For this task you are going to need:

2 x sheets of coloured paper

1 x piece of plain paper

1 x cardboard toilet roll tube


Glue Stick

Sticky tape


Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own.

We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page.


Take one of your pieces of coloured paper and cut it in half.  Use this paper to cover your empty toilet roll tube.  You need to a leave a small amount of your tube uncovered (approximately 2cm)


Trim the excess paper or tuck this excess inside the tube.


Use your second piece of coloured paper and roll into a cone shape – make sure that the cone fits onto the top of your toilet roll tube before securing it in place with a small piece of sticky tape.


Trim the wide end of your cone to create a straight edge.  We need the cone to sit on top of the toilet roll tube so we can still see the uncovered section of tube.  You may need to trim a little more off the wide end of your cone but be careful not to trim too much or your cone won’t fit.


Take you plain piece of paper and design your beard – an easy way to do this is to draw a toilet seat shape and a ‘W’ inside of it.


Cut this out and then stick this to your garden gnome, lining this up with the uncovered section of toilet roll tube.


Use a pencil to give your garden gnome a happy smiley face, drawing eyes, nose and mouth.  And there you have it, a charming, little garden gnome to get comfy in your indoor garden.


Take a photo of your creation and upload it to the Citadel Arts facebook page.

And now you’ve made one, don’t stop there.  Get creative and make your new garden pal some gnome friends.  Use different colours, try some new materials and you can even try some different styles of beard.

We hope you enjoyed this craft activity, thank you for getting crafty with Citadel Arts.