Getting Crafty – Rock Pool

Hello! And welcome back to Getting Crafty with Citadel Arts.

As we are going to be spending some time indoors overs the next few weeks, we thought it would be nice if we could ‘Bring the Outdoors In’, so everyday this week we are going to be creating something different to go in our very own indoor garden.

No garden is complete without a charming gnome so today we are going to be creating a little rock pool so our gnome has somewhere to sit.

For this task you are going to need:

1 x sheets of blue card

1 x empty egg carton

Black/Grey tissue paper or plain paper coloured in


Glue Stick

Cling Film

Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own.

We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page.


Cut your egg carton in to individual egg cups.


Cut up your black tissue paper into individual squares – if you don’t have any tissue paper just use plain paper and colour it in grey/black.



Using your squares of paper, wrap each individual egg cup until it is completely covered.  These are the rocks that will form the edge of our pool.  We will probably only use 4/5 of these egg cups for this activity.


Using your newly wrapped egg cups, map out the rough shape you want your rock pool to be by placing them on to your blue card , then cut the card to the shape you want.


Cut a square of cling film and lay it flat.  Glue one side of your card, then place on the cling film with the glued side facing upwards.


Wrap the cling film over the card and stick firmly on to the glue.   When the cling film has stuck, you can turn the card over and you will have the shimmering effect of water.


Using your glue stick apply glue to the bottom of your rocks, and hold firmly in place on your blue card to stick them into position. Repeat this process with your remaining rocks until you have completed your rock pool.


Now you’ve created your rock pool you can place it into position in your indoor garden.  Take a photo of your creation and upload it to the Citadel Arts facebook page.

Now your rock pool is in place, your charming garden gnome has a place to sit.

We hope you enjoyed this craft activity, thank you for ‘Getting Crafty’ with Citadel Arts