Getting Crafty – Caterpillar

Hello! And welcome back to Getting Crafty with Citadel Arts.

As we are going to be spending some time indoors overs the next few weeks, we thought it would be nice if we could ‘Bring the Outdoors In’, so everyday this week we have been creating something different to go in our very own indoor garden and this is our last activity to finish them off.

Today we’ll be creating a creepy crawley that we’ve all found in our gardens before, usually chomping on a leaf, it’s a cute little caterpillar.

For this task you are going to need:

Green Paper

1 x empty kitchen roll tube

1 x felt tip pen

Small piece of yellow card


Glue Stick

2 x googly eyes or draw your own eyes onto white paper and cut out.

Have a watch of the video below and follow the step by step guide to have a go at creating your own.

We’d love to see all of your amazing creations when you’ve finished so please upload a picture to our facebook page.


Using a felt tip pen, make a mark approximately every 3 cm along your empty kitchen roll tube.


Cut your tube up using these marks as a guide, you will have approximately 8 pieces.


Cut your green paper into strips which are big enough to cover your individual pieces of tube.


Glue each strip of paper and wrap around each individual piece of tube.


It’s now time to assemble the body of our caterpillar.  Using your glue, stick two pieces together, holding very firmly to make sure they hold.  Continue this step until you have created the whole shape of your caterpillar’s body.  Remember caterpillars wriggle along leaves, so their bodies won’t just be in a straight line, so try and create an interesting, wriggly shape.


Now you have your shape, you can create a face for your caterpillar.  Stick your eyes on to the very end piece of tube, and using your felt tip pen draw a smiley face.


Cut two thin strips from your yellow card and fold these repeatedly to create two antennae for your caterpillar.


Glue one end of these and attach to the head of your caterpillar, hold firmly to make sure they stay in place.


Now you’ve created your caterpillar you can place it into position in your indoor garden.  Take a photo of your creation and upload it to the Citadel Arts facebook page.

You could even make some more caterpillar friends using different coloured paper, or if you only have an empty toilet roll tube, you could make a baby caterpillar.

We hope you’ve enjoyed making your very own indoor garden with us, thank you for ‘Getting Crafty’ with Citadel Arts.