The Chronicles of Atom & Luna. Episode 4: The Fool

Written and told by Murray Lachlan Young

Welcome to our new story series for all lovers of words, myths and mystical maps aged 7 to 107.

Episode 4: The Fool

In which we meet a mysterious character who just doesn’t know who he is…

The story series – called – TALES FROM THE FOREST is the start of THE CHRONICLES OF ATOM & LUNA, an epic tale which brings to life the magical world of Atom and Luna across a range of live and digital forms. The story centres around 11 year old twins Atom & Luna – who are left home alone in the care of their magical child minder, Iffly Sney. But when Iffly falls terribly ill, only the twins can save him by seeking out the mysterious Old Mother Redbeard in the heart of a magical forest. It is a journey which will change their lives forever.